We offer tailor-made solutions for different needs and create them specifically around the requirements of your project.

João Carqueijeiro Sketch Study for Deambulatório Installation
Sketch Study for Deambulatório Installation

Being at the pre, or even post construction phase, we can help you increase your project’s value by adding bespoke ceramic art structures or installations. We can produce modular panels with custom fitting systems to tailored you.
We also design large format installations for site-specific scenarios that will fit your landscaping plans (that may include any outdoor terrain such as gardens, ponds, pools, etc). Withstanding weather and time is a crucial factor that we take into account with proper metallic structures designed to custom fit each artwork.
Working together might expand possibilities you may not have foreseen, like considering how lighting would interact with the installations.

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João Carqueijeiro Cerveira Mural
Sculptural Modular Wall Panels
João Carqueijeiro Ceramic Installation
Ceramic Sculpture Installation
João Carqueijeiro Ceramic Installation
100 meter Exterior Wall Mural
João Carqueijeiro Ceramic Installation
Exterior Wall Modular Panels